I began formally studying drawing and painting at the age of 12 and have continued my education of the arts throughout the years. I have developed my skill and enthusiasm for capturing the true personality of my subjects by combining my art background with a formal study of photography. My history of drawing and painting have paved the way for many of the skills I apply to photography such as composition, the study of light and color, and the way light plays on the human face.

I am a licensed Professional Photographer and member of Professional Photographers of America and Inland Empire Professional Photographers. Serving the Coachella Valley, San Diego County and beyond since 2005.

My style is relaxed and casual, letting my subjects lead the way through play and shared relationships. My goal is to capture the real you; the little smirk or crooked smile, the pout your child has perfected or the beautiful way their eyes light up when they laugh. I love to catch a child daydreaming or a baby sleeping. There is nothing better than capturing the love in a parent’s eyes when they look at their child.

Photography has been a true blessing in my life, taking me down avenues I didn’t expect and giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing people. I look forward to every photo shoot and am excited to make lasting memories for your family.

~ Michelle Jeffers

Photograph by Kristen Booth